Things just keep on happening!

Booth J31– Mark it Down and Meet Me There!

It’s been madness here at the Corw’s Nest for quite some time, and things are getting madder still… the One of A Kind Show in Toronto (Nov. 28-Dec. 8, CNE) is LOOOOOOMING– more so as today I found out my booth number: J31; I am in a semi-permanent state of panic. Equipment failure and length of time to replace/repair equipment over the last six months have certainly made huge holes in my production schedule and plans… but perseverance seems to be a forte… so onwards and upwards, only such a short time left.

Yesterday evening, however, I enjoyed a very pleasant hiatus with Candace, when she came out to photograph some of my work so that I can get business cards and banners made for the show. What a trooper!! I am very excited about seeing the final shots; the many that I saw on her camera at the time were so beautiful, the light was magical over the bay, and luck and laughs seemed to be on my side at last.


Candace getting settled on the ice floe…

Candace-1 copy

… a pro at work!

 bigbowl-1 copy

Big Bowl with a nice wave curling around the base.


North Atlantic Series, lamost ready to go to TO.


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