Things just keep on happening!

Sandy Cove Morning


Calm, if cool, one morning, so I took the opportunity to get out on the water before the day of foraying began.


The sheep were contentedly grazing until they spotted me on the board, then interest was piqued… but my photo didn’t quite make it to the keeper list– ears pricked and intent stares everywhere.


Cloudy, but potential for the sky to open up later in the day.


Named Sandy Cove, it certainly lives up to this– beautiful sandy bottom for a good ways out.


And of course a shot of Big Red with the paddle board, because she’s really hot no matter which way you slice it.


Slight hole in the sky…


…which grew quite large by the end of the day.

I’ve already moved myself over to Fogo, I keep waking up wondering what I’m doing here… all I need is a home with studio space. Any old garages or net lofts for sale???


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