Things just keep on happening!

Old and New


Old: the rock that makes Fogo


New: the Long Studio


Love the simple, clean lines, and the open-ness


Love the ‘surprise’ factor from the different views


This is the Squish Studio, it is my favorite in terms of location. When hiking the Turpins Trail across the bay, one can see this studio which appears almost ready to slide right into the sea from its rocky perch.



All have beautiful indoor and outdoor contemplation spaces built right in.


Again, the angle of viewing changes everything… perspective!


This studio on the barrens just before Barr’d Islands is my favorite in terms of structure.


I love the walkway, and the interesting structural ‘growth’ that draws me to explore some more.


20130908_153417\ IMGP4246

And there it is, from across the little bay, standing tall in the low landscape.


Of course, there is also the Fogo Island Inn: its footprint making an X, crossing old traditions with new architecture and hope. Big Red is so special, she was allowed to drive up to the Inn for a photo op… there’s another nice old-and-new for ya’, wha’?!


I am drawn to the ‘old’ part… stilts that echo the fishing stages across the edges of Fogo and the rest of Newfoundland.



IMGP4253And I love the oversized doors that open to an entranceway of Italian tiles resembling old linoleum patterns but-not-quite, leading to an expansive floor of Newfoundland birch, floor to ceiling windows, and a suprising warmth from such a minimalist approach to design.

Martinis and food are absolutely gorgeous here as well.


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