Things just keep on happening!

Afternoon Walk to See the Great Auk


What started as a moody, cold, not-so-uplifting-day en route to Fogo turned into a gorgeous weekend of sun and wind. Ostensibly to pick mushrooms in the hopes of advancing science as a participant of the Mushroom Foray NL, the reality is that I jumped at the chance of returning to Fogo for a few days to enjoy its beauty all over again.20130906_164609

Definitley the ‘rock’ side of this island, miniature forests no taller than the blueberry bushes valiantly grew in the thin layers of viable substrate, leaving the beautiful stone exposed… not neccessarily by choice!20130906_164723

Garden plots right by the sea. 20130906_170324

People working on the trail hauled lumber to the construction site via dory rather than lugging it all over the trail… little did I know that this might come in handy later. 20130906_170516


First sighting of the Auk… 20130906_171412

… nearer… 20130906_171745

… and there is it, the last known spot of existence of a Great Auk, marked by this sculpture facing Funk Islands and then further out, Iceland. 20130906_171958

Scale… the bird is taller than myself. 20130906_173733

On my return trip, it seemed to be quitting time for da by’s, and luckily, I lke boats and boat rides… made a few new friends, collected driftwood for a Saturday night bonfire and helped carry it to the boat… 20130906_173924

… enjoyed the waterview of the Inn and Fogo from this side… 20130906_174645

… and got dropped off at the dock where my other ride was patiently waiting in the sun… 20130906_174834

… beautiful Big Red.

This great first afternoon of my vacation was followed by a wonderful reception at the very fancy Fogo Island Inn– wow the food!!!–and a bit of blueberry picking right outside the cottage where I was staying.


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