Things just keep on happening!

Turns Out 50 mph is Nudding for Big Red!


Inaugural drive to Stephenville and back to test ‘er out for good proved to be a wonderful experience all ’round. Tap the gas, and off she goes, Big Red honked her variety of horns to all and sundry en route, we waved to every trucker coming from Port-aux-Basques in the opposite direction, and whistled at the runners and cyclists on the roads. She’s da bombdotcom. I am very grateful to many people who got pulled into this little journey to get us going from stopped-on-the-highway to we-can-go-at-anytime-anywhere-we-want, but esepcially to both Big Brudder and Hiiner for consultations and help at various junctures along the way.

Now, it’s all about the details like shiny new bezels, and maybe a bit of touch-up with the brakes, and definitely new basepan and gaskets for the oil section… and a review of some of the lighting wires… not so bad, at least she goes! And who knows, if everyone in the universe comes and buys something from my booth at the Toronto One of A Kind Show this November, I may even be able to take a serious look at the bodywork that Big Red would like to get– a girl’s gotta’ look her best, dontcha’ know!


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