Things just keep on happening!

Chanterelle Day

A lovely day to go for a paddle and pick a few mushrooms with Big Daddy. Early morning wake-up to get enough studio work done, pack a lunch as surreptitiously as possible, sneak gear out the door along with myself and the car keys without being caught by the Buddies… not successful, and left to the sounds of angry barking and a bit of singing. It was still a great day!


Nice basket of edibles for our efforts. 20130821_115554

Big Daddy ready for lunch…


… and the man knows lunch!


Nice field to edge of round-stone beach (perfect for my next in-between-things-project, but too much to fit in boat, rats).


Happily home at the end of day (despite the unrelenting tornadoes of mosquitoes in the woods that even tried to land on my eyelashes, ugh… I became a ninja in the woods, but they still got me in very many uncomfortable places), gritty skin covered in salt-spray, love that feeling.

Thanks for a great day John!


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