Things just keep on happening!

Waiting for Godot was Probably Much More Productive

Sooo… the mailbox has been empty of the parts I ordered for my multiple (read ALL) broken down tools from the studio… and they are not very old, or used in a harsh manner, mostly because I know how long these things take to repair, and what a painful process this shipping stuff to and from the island is. I went camping with friends and family for two days in hopes of  A) forgetting about the studio problems/block for a short while (which I actually did for about 8 hours, that was grand), and B), that it would be like Christmas when I checked the mailbox today.

It wasn’t Christmas.

The mailman left me some bills to pay.

And now it is the weekend, so no hope until Monday, Tuesday at best probably. I think I’m going to cry and gnash my teeth for a while, and then look at the camping pictures, that was fun.



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