Things just keep on happening!

Final Day and Final Projects from Enamelling Class; Compare and Contrast

Alice-5Alice’s Woods Alice-6

Big Red Carrie-5Carrie’s Irban Burd Carrie-6

Family Story Cindy-5

Cindy’s Irises Cindy-6

Bullrushes and Marsh coldworking-13

The cold-working shop… WINDY!! coldworking-14

Concentrating on technique coldworking-15Hand sanding in the relax-o mode Indira-5

Indira’s Irises Indira-6

Seasonal and Life changes of a garden JoAnne-5

Calla Lilies JoAnne-6

From Nest to Flight Lynda-5

Puppies Lynda-6

Puppies!! Mary-5

Mary’s Cone Flowers Mary-6

Marsh Penny-2

Penny’s Goatness (I hope that deosn’t sound all wrong) Penny-6

Textures Trudy-5

Trudy’s Himalayan Blue… 3-layer piece lost quite a bit of colour… hmmm… Trudy-6

Wild Roses

Lovely Ladies, Lovely Class!


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