Things just keep on happening!

Glass Enamelling Workshop in Grand Falls– Day One

sample-2bFirst sample for class.

Friday evening, the Lovely Ladies met up at the high school in Bishop’s Falls,and we started right up with a presentation, looked at the work of several artists who use enamelling in their work, processes, and ideas. This was followed by a demo with palette, mixing enamels dry then wet with palette knife, and different ways to apply the ground glass to their work and the effects that could be produced.

Penny-3Penny concentrating hard…

Penny-4First firing…

Mary-4Mary, very suspicious of the camera…

IMG_6974Delicate cone flowers…

JoAnne-4JoAnne… watch the hair!!

IMG_6972Cala lilies.

Lynda-4Lynda, cutting the enamel… pro technique.


IMG_6969Carrie… layering…

IMG_6968First firing

Alice-1Alice… trouble maker! 🙂


IMG_6966Himalayan Poppy

9 participants, 9 separate results… This was a one-firing, one-layered piece as a first trial to be compared with project number two of Day Two; thank goodness for Penny and her knowledge of her ceramics kiln at the school!


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