Things just keep on happening!

Big Red

As some of you already know, this is Big Red, newest addition to our little tribe. I have been dreaming about Big Red for close to 30 years; I always thought a ’54 Ford pickup would be just the ticket… In some dreams, I put the body of the truck on a 4×4 chassis (like onto a Checv Blazer), and dropped in a nice Cummins diesel under the hood, but what we have here is great enough for me. She’s got a deep gurgling 302 that rumbles with the best of ’em, with power to spare once she’s on the road, and what a sound that is!!! We went out for our first Sunday drive, Ian just about fell out many times because we couldn’t get the door to shut all the time, and her steering is about a 1/4 turn loose… have to remeber to over compensate to recover from a turn quite quickly, and quite a lot… and the steering wheel is huge!!

Brakes need a bit of touch-up, we have to replace the gas tank, it seems to leak a bit too, and we were stuck in 2nd for a long time before things loosened up enough to check out the gears… we backed her down the driveway with the foot on the clutch, b/c she wasn’t switching out of anything for love nor money. What a laugh! The Dukes of Hazzard don’t have anything on us here at the Crow’s Nest, I tell ya’, the bumpy rip-roaring ride back up the driveway, missing the woodpile by inches and avoiding the work-in-progress-blue-Subaru-soon-to-be-ready-for-sale was Andretti presicions wheeling for sure.

I love Big Red.

I couldn’t wait to get home to see the Buddies– all three of them– and the Beast… just to turn her on for a minute to listen to that beautiful bass.

Dare to dream!


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