Things just keep on happening!

Lunch Hour

Well, if the Bay is calm, and the day is sunny, being my own boss means that sometimes I can leave the office on my lunch hours…!

The tide was so high that I started in the creek for the first time ever, and we paddled (and swam and ran) down to the sea. Being on the paddleboard is a bit different from the kayak– not as fast as the kayak, for starters, but the view is quite beautiful. Because I am standing upright on the thing, I can see into teh water further, and really enjoy the rocks and kelp and everything else. Shep did end up swimming when he absolutely had to, in many places he couldn’t avoid it at all because we are having very high tides these days… Kala, on the other hand, thought it was the best ever. He did his shark imitation again, and we both landed in the water… the Bay, remarkably, is still very very warm… as ‘punishment’, I made him sit on the board, but the second it started to move, off like a fish he went!


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