Things just keep on happening!

32 Hours

Me ol’ buddy Lori and I took off for hours… about 32 of them in fact.

Starting in Bonne Bay, we paddled around on the glass for a few hours, lunched by the beach then travelled on to Cow Head. After checking out the yard sale in Cow Head, we put on a great show for the nice people enjoying the day at Shallow Bay; dismounts have become the specialty of the Osprey Paddling Club… we’re getting T-shirts.

We found the perfect camping spot at Seal Creek. Borrowing a bench from in front of one of the mostly-defunct fishing sheds, we created enough of a windbreak to have a fire, roast our supper, and enjoy the sunset.

Sleeping in the truck with tailgate open to the breeze — NO mosquitoes, how grand!!!– we were witness to the moonrise, not having to even lift our heads off the pillow.

In the morning, espresso made over a small fire in a wheel well has to be one of the best things ever, especially when shared in a leisurely fahsion with a good friend (and blueberries and home-made granola) on the beach, watching both the sunrise and the jumping seals. It was definitely a happy labour day!


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